Ma, you Inspire ……... Every single day!

Fastforward to June,2018 – ‘Hello, comparing your 2016 MRI to this one, your Arnold-Chiari seems to have improved. Do you know that’s like a miracle? We have never seen any such improvement ever’ said the neurosurgeon.

Flashback to Nov,2016 – So this is about my Ma. Shortly after her 50th birthday her drastic deteriorating symptoms from a mere left arm pain to severe dizziness, vomiting, blurred vision to gradual loss of vision and then gradually losing strength of the entire left side led to her hospitalization, enormous medical tests, almost daily MRIs and CT scans, leading to a new term for us ‘Arnold Chiari Malformation’. As the symptoms seemed to have been sliding very soon towards complete paralysis of one side, she had to undergo a major neurosurgery within a week’s time with no other possible options.
Now when I look back to those days, I can really connect to this quote from the book ‘Do No Harm – By Dr. Henry Marsh’ –  “Death is not the final outcome, at least in case of Neuros…

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